Trade Idea - Netflix
Thursday, March 19, 2009
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The stock just broke out of a short consolidation phase. Looking at the technical chart, the stock shows a continuation of the trend with MACD and RSI in Bullish areas. The RSI value is currently above 50 but it has not reached the overbought region. The stock is now a stock in a Breakout mode. Let's keep an eye on it.

Disclaimer : Trading stocks involves risk, this information should not be viewed as trading recommendations.The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical examples.
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Beautiful picture of Paris
Good morning !!! Look at this beatiful picture from one of the most famous cities in Europe. Paris is known to be the most romantic city in the world and also the place of the supreme foods and drinks perhaps in the whole world. It is also the fashion icon in the world. Paris has beautiful monuments, great avenues, amazing buildings…and in the evening this city hides some secrets and curiosities. If you want to see some of those secrets click on this picture above to launch! Check this out, it’s very interesting!
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Trade Idea - General Electric
Monday, March 16, 2009
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GE is good to hold for the short term only. The stock currently stopped short of breaking the resistance at $10 which is the resistance line formed from Frebuary. Also watch out for other resistance levels at 11.41 which is the 50 day moving average. Currently, the technical indicators are displaying good signs. Buy if resistance is broken with good volume, possible target price is around 11.41. Let's keep an eye on it.

Disclaimer : Trading stocks involves risk, this information should not be viewed as trading recommendations.The charts provided here are not meant for investment purposes and only serve as technical examples.


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Free video editor for Windows, Linux and Mac
Thursday, March 12, 2009
Great News Folks !!! If some one of you need to edit or change a video file, well for sure you won’t buy an application to do that! Why? Because there are free applications to do that! One of those is Avidemux! This free video editor application was written in C/C++ and built for several platforms! This power video editor is very similar to Virtual Dub, but Avidemux supports more file types, such as: AVI, MPEG, MP4/MOV, OGM, ASF/WMV, MKV and FLV! Oh it has also several video filters, resize, deinterlace, IVTC, sharpen and denoise. So, check this out today!

Free Download: Avidemux v2.4.4 - Milestone Build (r4576) (12.5MB)

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The best deal on Fence Installation
Looking for the perfect place on the web to find the best deal on fence installation?
Then, is an option you should consider. They have different types of fence made of different materials like PVC, wood, bamboo, wrought iron, steel, aluminium and many more for very reasonable price. Fencequotes also extends its services to offering new installations, fence repairs and making additions to existing fencing. Fill out a simple form and receive price quotes from up to four different suppliers. Before you begin your next fence project in your property make sure to visit
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Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build 14.0.8064.0206
Hey Folks the latest version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 from Microsoft is now available! This new version contains new additions and significant improvements! The Windows Live Essentials has launched this week has new versions/updates of Live Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Writer, Family, Movie Maker, Toolbar, Safety, Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, Microsoft Office Live Add-in and Microsoft Silverlight. It’s possible to change the colors of your WLM and you can save the picture of your buddy. Oh, it has a new messenger icon! Check this out!

Free Download: Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build 14.0.8064.0206
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Website Optimization
This is something pretty cool. A friend of mine recommended this website a few days ago by email, and frankly speaking I already love it. They are a privately held consulting firm specializing in Website Performance, Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and conversion rate optimization. Basically, it's a website that uses the power of the experience through various techniques and methods to improve the traffic of sites. If you're currently running a business on the web, this website will definitely help you to increase your sales. So, get the word of the experts on website performance to put a quick end to all your traffic and sales problems today!
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Mumbai’s tallest building
Folks, another fantastic building to be built! The Mumbai’s tallest building will have 301 meters (1000ft) tall. This building assure to be distinct than any other construction in India! The architect designed this building been as a dancing native lady with a water pot. It will have the longest constructed lift by 1000 feet with 10 nos of Elevators at an approximate speed of an incredible 5 mts /sec. This building will meet with the standard environmental and sustainability friendly design, it will include recycling of rain water and management of waste water storage and its recycling process amongst others. Estimated construction time: 5 years!
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Hair loss treatments
Do you have problems of hair loss? Still looking for a treatment for your case? So, there is no better time than now to check out Hair Loss Treatments website. This place on the web has been recently created in order to provide the most professional reviews about the best hair loss treatments. They give us many suggestions, guidelines and procedures to deal with this serious problem and help us to choose the best suited hair loss treatment. The reviews are written by their experts in a neutral manner and it is based on facts, like the ingredients used, the effectiveness of the product, long term benefits, safety and customer feedback. So if you want to learn more about this particular place, just click on the link above and check out their website today.
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Find free Wi-Fi hotspots
Hello Folks, I'm back !! Each more there are more people using laptops, as you know a laptop is more versatile, we can carry it to anywhere. But for that is indispensable an internet connection, but where to find one for free?! So, there is a free application which can help you to find free Wi-Fi networks anywhere! I’m talking about the WeFi. The main goal of this free application is to find the best free Wi-Fi hotspot. It has a map where you can see the places that have those Wi-Fi hotspots. Check this out!

Free Download:WeFi Download Center
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Make your bid !!
Tuesday, March 03, 2009
I know that most poeple love auction sites, so if you are looking for a good auction service, you should check out The website provides an online auction marketplace for quality wholesale products at the lowest prices possible. They include Wholesale Jewelry, Wholesale Electronics, wholesale computers , Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale General Merchandise, Wholesale Housewares, Wholesale Tools, Wholesale Store Fixtures and Wholesale Vehicles. Thier service provide over 724,000 registered professional buyers access to a global, organized supply of wholesale, surplus and salvage assets in over 500 product categories. If you're an auction lover, don't waste more time, visit right now and place your bid for whatever you want. Looks great to me, one website that I am adding to my blogroll !
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